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They also, not surprisingly, overlap heavily with those who strongly trust Fox News.

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Of the people who say they mostly or completely trust Trump, about 3 in 5 give that same level of trust to Fox. The reverse holds true to a lesser extent — among those who trust Fox, about half trust Trump, too. Those who trust Fox, but not Trump, include a significant number of nonwhite voters without college educations. Local newspapers receive the most widespread trust, reflecting the lower level of polarization around local news.

Who Do You Trust? Songtext

Only about 1 in 7 voters said they had no trust in their local or regional newspaper. But the endorsement was fairly tepid. Among nationally oriented media, the results showed strong amounts of polarization. CNN, NPR, public television and national newspapers got strong levels of trust from a slightly larger share of the public — about 3 in 10 — with trust much higher among Democratic voters than Republicans. The ratings for each of the news sources show slightly different patterns in who trusts whom. Asked what emotions they feel when they hear news about Trump from their most trusted or preferred source of news, those who mostly trusted Trump or Fox were more likely to say that the news made them feel positive about the administration — hopeful, satisfied or pleased.

Those who mostly trusted one of the other media sources tended to say the news from their most trusted sources made them feel disgusted, worried or outraged. Political strategists have long said that anger and other negative emotions motivate people to vote, and the survey bore that out. People who said they were likely to vote for a Democrat for Congress this year were significantly more likely than Republican voters to say that the news they heard made them more likely to vote.

The poll also provided evidence of a continuing paradox in U. Almost 6 in 10 Republican voters and just under half of Democratic voters said they were tired of partisan coverage.

Cyber security – Who do you trust?

Results were weighted to reflect the known demographics of the American population. The margin of error for all likely midterm voters is 2 percentage points in either direction. Lauter latimes. For more on Politics and Policy, follow me DavidLauter.

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Who Do You Trust? by Papa Roach Reviews and Tracks - Metacritic

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