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This clear and succinct text offers a valuable introductory guide to this multidisciplinary subject, helping people who want to study or work in health and social care understand why these services matter, how they have developed and how they work.

Brief guides and explainers

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Description As a field, health and social care is facing considerable challenge and debate, in the UK and internationally. Add to Basket. We also explain how government debt is defined and calculated.

Short guides - Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

This guide provides an introduction to government spending on welfare. Firstly, we present an overview of how much is spent, what it is spent on, and which factors have caused this to change in the past and are expected to cause it to change in the future. Secondly we explore each line of social security and tax credits spending in turn.

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Read the OBR guide to welfare spending. This dashboard allows users to examine changes in our forecasts of spending, caseloads and implied average awards for each line of social security and tax credits spending. Changes in the spending forecasts between fiscal events are decomposed into changes to the caseload forecast and changes in implied average awards. The full consequences of these interventions for the public finances — in the sense of comparing what the public finances look like now with how they would have looked in the absence of such interventions — is impossible to estimate with any confidence.

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Most of the effects are indirect — including the extent to which gilt purchases reduced gilt yields; the extent to which that induced further changes in asset prices; what effects that had on economic activity and employment; and so on. A second order, but still important, question to ask is how unconventional monetary policy measures have been directly accounted for in the public finances.

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We address that question in this explainer. Less than 10 available - usually despatched within 24 hours. This engaging and accessible text offers a concise overview of social work which will appeal to anyone needing a quick introduction to social work as a discipline.

http://brekkeweb.com/mobile-number-tracker-tool-iphone.php It contains essential information for all prospective and new social work students, the theories and policy and practice frameworks as well as current issues facing social work today. Illustrated with many examples from practice, it covers social work with many service user groups including children and families, adults, older people, disabled people and people with mental health problems as well as specialist areas of practice. Sign up to the hive. Discover bookshops local to you.

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