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The story of a Connecticut cricket who gets swept onto a commuter train and lands in Times Square, where he makes friends with a mouse and a cat, warmed the hearts of young and old. The novel, illustrated by Garth Williams, won a Newbery Honor in and spawned six more in the Chester Cricket and His Friends series, originally published between and All illustrated by Williams, the novels have sold a combined total of one million copies.

Today, FSG is releasing the seven novels in e-book format for the first time for the new tablet-toting generation of young readers.

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E-book editions of the other two titles in that series, Harry to the Rescue! To me the novel was just magical — and still is. I always keep several copies on my shelf to pass on to children I know. And Garth Williams brings the animals to life in a way that pays homage to both their existence as animals and to these humanistic qualities. This is no small task!

The Selden novels have remained consistently in print since their original publication, underscoring the timelessness of the stories. He was able to transform animals into beloved heroes. His books are a testimony to friendship and bravery. I loved little Stuart and his adventurous spirit, willing to risk his life for a friend.

Skilley the alley cat likes cheese better than mice. When he learns the innkeeper at Cheshire Cheese Inn needs a mouser, he strikes up a bargain with the intelligent mouse, Pip.

ISBN 13: 9780312681692

I love the illustrations. Redwall by Brian Jacques.

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My oldest daughter loved this series when she was in elementary school, and I still see kids get hooked on it every year. The peace-loving mice of Redwall Abbey battle an army of rats in this David and Goliath — themed book. Mice are the epitome of the misunderstood underdog.

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Apparently, they possess the noble qualities of reluctant heroism and devoted friend, and will risk life and limb to protect others even though they are considered weak. Of course we love them! Are there any favorite mouse stories I left out? I could do another complete post on mice in picture books! She loves to read, teach, write, learn, hang out with friends and family, walk her dog, and travel. Books cover every corner in her house and classroom. She blogs at Reading, Teaching, Learning and tweets as muellerholly.

She recently became a contributor for Choice Literacy.

used books, rare books and new books

Thanks for the list. I now have more I can add to my school shelves. Great list…. What a fun, interesting post, Holly! Have read many of the books on this list of yours; will add the others to my TBR list. Thanks for a great read. Such a fun post to read — I have all these books in my classroom library, and they are much loved…I am partial to Stuart Little, though. The Mouse and the Motorcycle books were some of the first chapter book read alouds I did with both of them. You are commenting using your WordPress. Selden is best known as the author of several books about the character Chester Cricket and his friends.

Selden explained the inspiration for that book as follows: "One night I was coming home on the subway, and I did hear a cricket chirp in the Time Square subway station.

The story formed in my mind within minutes. An author is very thankful for minutes like those, although they happen all too infrequently. The book is very descriptive of the seventies, including the sexual revolution. Graphic scenes of sado-masochism, orgies and other sexual acts, are narrated by Harold, the main character.

It could be construed as somewhat autobiographical in the sense the author writes of a character who writes children's books. The relationship to the boy and also the author's own feelings regarding his own existence are the main keys in this novel.

Wizard People, Dear Reader (chapters 1 and 2) by Brad Neely

Selden remained unmarried; a resident of Greenwich Village in New York City, he died there at age 60 from a gastrointestinal hemorrhage.