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Dream Theater - False Awakening Suite (Audio)

You must be logged in to post a comment. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The False Awakening is a curse-like phenomenon known to infect Sleepers and grant them Supernal powers. Portia tried to use a ritual to awaken her boyfriend, and while it had seemingly functioned, her boyfriend awakened to no known Path.

False Awakening Dream Dictionary: Interpret Now! -

In time, her boyfriend began to see Supernal correspondences in the Fallen World and started a ritual to ascend to the Supernal Realms that cost him his life. The False Awakening induces its victims with maddening dreams full of twisted symbols, wrong beginnings, and empty endings that simulate an Awakening.

As uncanny as it sounds, if you have just had one false waking experience, you are much more likely to have another. The conditions are already ripe. I've never had multiple false awakenings as far as I can remember. So when they do occur, I rather enjoy them.

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Sometimes my false awakenings drag on for several minutes then I abruptly wake up. Other times I realize I'm dreaming and become lucid.

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In one false awakening, I had the fortune of doing a reality check early on and tried to push my hand through the glass window of my bedroom. Yet my reality was so vivid, my brain refused to accept the possibility of it passing through. Instead, my hand bounced off the glass realistically!

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  8. I was dumbstruck. Being unable to rationalize what was happening, I clumsily explored my house, knowing that something was wrong but unable to define it. I was stuck in a limbo-like dream world. I instantly became lucid and flew away.

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    Reality Check on Waking - Perform a reality check when you wake up every day. This is will be your best chance of recognizing a false awakening as soon as it begins. So numbers or words are prone to changing or turning into unreadable symbols after a few seconds. Your alarm clock will expose this. Look At Your Reflection - Since the first thing people do in the morning is go to the bathroom, this is an ideal reality check.

    False Awakening: Dreaming About Waking Up

    Allow yourself a few seconds to examine your face, check that the reflection of the room is normal, and see if you can push your hand into the mirror itself. Leave Notes For Yourself - Written reminders placed around the house like door handles, light switches and banisters will prompt you to do a reality check and reveal if you are dreaming.

    Be sure to acknowledge them every morning - don't ignore them.

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    Check During Breakfast - False awakenings can involve eating breakfast so the moment you taste food or drink in the morning, do a reality check. If you are dreaming, you will suddenly be able to taste the food you are eating with more intensity, which is a wonderful wake-up call! If you learn the art of dream control , false awakenings cease to be something scary and start to seem like an awesome opportunity to have amazing lucid dreams! And while false awakenings can be hard to spot, with practice you will become better at recognizing that curious feeling that something is not right with the world She is currently studying for a biology degree in Auckland and blogging at her site Science Me.