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  2. Die Sommernacht, D.289 (Schubert, Franz)
  3. Derksen, Bernard [WorldCat Identities]

Den Winden Segel und Mast! I shall take the goblet that I may be fully cleansed. And witness too the oath of reconciliation which I take, in gratitude to you. Tristan's honour, utter loyalty! Tristan's misery, keenest defiance! Heart's deceit, wishful dreaming! The only consolation in eternal mourning. Beneficent draught of forgetsulness, I drain you unweaveringly! Half is mine! She snatches the goblet Traitor! I drink to you!

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She drinks. Then she throws the goblet aside. In the grip of terror, they gaze steadily into each other's eyes in utmost agitation, but unmoving. In their eyes deadly defiance gives way to the glow of love. They are seized with trembling. They clutch convulsively at their hearts and raise their hands to their heads. Then their eyes seek out one another, are cast down again in confusion, and meet again with growing desire ISOLDE her voice trembling Tristan!

They remain in silent embrace In the distance trumpets are heard den sie bot: den Becher nehm ich nun, dass ganz ich heut genese. Trug des Herzens! Traum der Ahnung! Ich trink sie dir!

Die Sommernacht, D.289 (Schubert, Franz)

Sie trinkt. Dann wirft sie die Schale fort. Hail King Mark! BRANGAENE looking away in confusion and terror, has leaned over the rail, now turns to see the couple clasped in a loving embrace and moves downstage, wringing her hands in despair Ah! Inescapable eternal misery instead of an early death!

The deceiving effects of foolish loyalty now bear their miserable fruit. How all our senses pulsate with bliss! Longing devotion's burgeoning blossoms, yearning love's blessed glow! My breast bursting with exultant delight! Broken free of the world, won for me! You my only awareness, utmost rapture of love!

Der Zauber einer Sommernacht

The curtains are pulled apart, the whole ship is crowded with knights and sailors waving joyfully over the side towards the shore which can be seen close by, with a high, rocky fortress. Tristan and Isolde remain lost in gazing at one another, unaware of what is happening arounf them BRANGAENE to the ladies who, at her command, have come up from below deck Quickly, the mantle here, the royal raiment! Listen, don't you hear where we are? Hail to King Mark! Long live the King! Wie alle Sinne wonnig erbeben! Jach in der Brust jauchzende Lust! Welten entronnen, du mir gewonnen!

Mit reichem Hofgesinde, dort auf Nachen Lord Mark is approaching. Ah, how the journey delights him, winning a bride. What are they calling out?

Am I alive? What was that draught? She falls on his breast, unconscious naht Herr Marke. Welcher Ruf? Fassung nur heut! Leb ich?

Derksen, Bernard [WorldCat Identities]

Welcher Trank? Oh happiness in thrall to deceit! A garden with tall trees in front of Isolde's apartments with steps leading up to it at one side. A clear, pleasant summer's night. At the open door is placed a burning torch. Sounds of hunting. Brangaene, on the steps to the apartments, looks out after the hunting party as their sounds fade away into the distance. Thay are out of my hearing already. Helle, anmutige Sommernacht. Mir schwand schon fern der Klang. You are misled by the grove's whisperings, laughingly rustling in the wind. She listens I can hear the horns calling.

ISOLDE listening again The calling of horns does not sound so sweet, it is the stream's gently murmuring waves flowing along so gaily. How could I hear that if horns were still calling?

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In the still of the night it is just stream that laughs with me. He who is waiting for me in the silence of the night, as if horns still sounded nearby, do you want to keep him for me? Because you are so blinded do you imagine that the sight of the world has been dimmed for you too? When, on board ship, from Tristan's trembling hand the pallid bride, scarcely conscious, was received by King Mark, when everybody bemusedly watched her wavering there, the kingly King, with gentle concern, loudly bewailed the trials of the voyage which you had undergone.

Im Schweigen der Nacht nur lacht mir der Quell. With a threatening gaze full of malevolent guile he sought to find in his expression whatever would serve his purpose. Spitefully listening I have often found him. Of him who secretly sets snares for you both, of Melot, be warned! Oh, how mistaken you are! Is he not Tristan's dearest friend?

If my beloved cannot be with me, then he is only in Melot's company. From Tristan to Mark is Melot's path: there he sows malignant seeds. Those who decided today on this night hunt, so promptly and quickly planned, have a nobler quarry than you imagine as the target of their huntsmen's cunning. Do you now scold this faithful friend? Better than you does he care for me; to him he opens up what you bar to me. Oh, spare me the distress of further delay!