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Reaching that goal will require greater acceptance and understanding of information across the joint force, new structures for information forces, and the evolution of how operations in the information environment are handled within the staff. Michael Shurkin MichaelShurkin. The U. John A. Ausink , Miriam Matthews. Air Force commanders around the world understand their responsibilities.

Combat Tactics

But they believe that many unrecognized duties interfere with mission performance. They are generally prepared by professional education and career progression to fulfill their responsibilities, but they could use more instruction on how to command. Lyle J. Morris LyleJMorris. China's recent move to transfer responsibility for the China Coast Guard to the People's Armed Police will have major symbolic implications for China's presence in disputed waters. It can no longer claim its presence in the South China Sea is purely civilian in nature.

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Brendan Rittenhouse Green, Austin Long. As the United States increasingly contemplates acquiring clandestine capabilities for deterrence and warfighting, it should consider rethinking its approach to managing these programs.

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A unified management approach would go a great distance toward meeting the challenges of these capabilities. It also presents some fundamental differences that give reason for optimism in France. Figuring out what the future may look like—and what concepts and technology we should invest in now to prepare—is hard. How can the wargaming community build a cycle of research to help understand what these paths might be? Susanne Sondergaard , Marta Kepe martakepe. Early identification and planning for medical support for EU-led military operations are vital to saving lives, treating injuries and keeping personnel healthy.

Common standards would ensure high-quality and consistent medical support regardless of which country is providing it. Chad C. Serena , Colin P. Clarke ColinPClarke. Focusing on one type of threat or the other — whether state or non-state in its general nature — is becoming a less tenable option as the United States considers how to assess and improve its military readiness. Bruce W. Bennett bwbennett. THAAD deployment could change the dynamic and terms of the debate, leading to greater Chinese pressure on North Korea to curb its nuclear and missile threats.

Stacie L. Pettyjohn StaciePettyjohn , David A. Reinvigorating wargaming in the defense community offers great potential value given the complex strategic situation that the U. DoD should educate sponsors and consumers about the appropriate use of wargames, set realistic expectations, and build the right amount of risk acceptance into its gaming enterprise. Andrew J. Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and others signed a letter calling for a ban on the application of artificial intelligence to advanced weapons systems.

AI weapons are not without risks, but the benefits are substantial and the risks can be mitigated with more moderate regulation than a ban. While some famous historical cases offer a compelling narrative of what wargames can be at their best and worst, they cannot illustrate the full range of contemporary wargaming that leaders should strive to achieve. A better understanding of how wargames can be helpful — or how they can backfire — is critical.

Whether this claim is accurate, or an exaggeration, remains to be seen.

Tactical Combat - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

But it does highlight how the country's leadership culture requires Kim to periodically demonstrate his power. William Courtney courtneywmh. Russia wants to be sure that it's not ignored if and when the West succeeds in implementing a broader, more effective solution to the Syria-Iraq-ISIL problem. This is a task far beyond Russia's capabilities, but one that America, the West, and regional powers may be able to accomplish. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently announced that China would reduce the number of troops in its army by , But that is only a first step in a more ambitious reform and reorganization plan.

While the latest confrontation between North and South Korea appears to be ending peacefully, it provides insight into future North Korean provocations. Words as weapons can work when they are aimed at North Korea's internal politics and backed up by a strong South Korean response supported by the U.

Despite its long history as an effective combat tool, tunneling rarely garners much attention, perhaps because it is inherently clandestine, tedious, and dirty.

Career Advice

However, as the conflict in Gaza indicates, tunneling remains effective, and will likely persist as long as conflict itself. Terrence Kelly , David A. The Floating Box Ambush, seen in Figure 1, demonstrates the effects of stigmergy and rules-based decision making. The soldiers conducting the ambush are given a simple set of instructions: engage approaching units, retreat when shot at, and return and engage again.

The first soldier begins the ambush by engaging an advancing enemy unit. That typically leads the enemy to respond by firing on that soldier and advancing, prompting the soldier to retreat. As the enemy advances, they move in front of the second soldier, prompting him to engage. At this point, most units under ambush will reorient themselves toward the second shooter.

With the enemy unit distracted by the second solider, the first soldier can then reengage, allowing the second shooter to retreat. Neither of those troops need to communicate to pull this off. Wash, rinse, repeat. The ambushed unit typically switches its attention between both attacking soldiers, taking a significant amount of time to reorient, decide, and act during each recurrence.

Urban Combat: Fighting Positions

The Army has tried this tactic in training with dizzying effects. One of the authors has seen training units facing this technique quickly become bogged down and disoriented. Two soldiers can often temporarily or permanently divert an entire platoon from their mission, and sometimes inflict a significant number of casualties. Stigmergy for multi-domain battle will expand on this example with more sophisticated rules and environmental cues and more diverse teams.

As an example, soldiers can carry small arms, and prioritize attacking dismounted light infantry and soft-skin vehicles. Others may be equipped with anti-tank weapons to attack armored vehicles or strongpoints.


Rules-based decision making and stigmergy are not new ideas. Airborne units during World War II spawned Little Groups of Paratroopers , whose decentralization and initiative allowed them to have an outsized effect on German forces. Soldiers already use less robust versions of this type of decision making.

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Battle drills prescribe best responses to likely scenarios, including how to react to contact, attack a trench, or enter a building and clear a room. But swarming uses rules-based decision making and stigmergy in new ways. Rather than serving as a replacement for traditionally structured units, which struggle in communications-denied environments, swarming units can fill a niche in multi-domain battle. Rigidly clinging to a command structure limits rapid decision making and initiative at lower ranks. Fortunately, warfare revolves around competitive adaptation , and swarming is about changing military behavior, not technology.

It is easier, cheaper, and faster to adapt small-unit tactics, or swarming rules, than it is to adapt technology. We recommend the military begin experimenting with swarming command structures to assess its viability and determine possible rules.