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  3. Was Anne Frank betrayed?
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Photo by Marc Brenner. Running time:. About Betrayal:. Tom Hiddleston.

Cast list:. Previews from:. August 14, Opening date:. September 5, December 8, Matinee Evening Monday - 8pm Tuesday - 8pm Wednesday - 8pm Thursday - 8pm Friday - 8pm Saturday - 8pm Sunday - - Performance schedules for all shows are subject to change. More venue info. However, his statements were not consistent. At a later date he claimed that he was not sure whether a phone call had been made, nor who had made it.

According to a journalist from the newspaper De Telegraaf , Silberbauer said that the call had been made by warehouse worker Willem van Maaren.


As a result, regular citizens would have had limited opportunity to place such a call. According to another story, the SD officer who took the alleged call said that he had spoken to a woman. This officer, Julius Dettmann, died in his cell a few weeks after the liberation.

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Silberbauer stated that Dettmann never told him who had made the call. The story about the female voice came from someone who allegedly told Otto Frank about it. However, there is no evidence to this effect.

What Can We Learn Through Betrayal?

The helpers did not trust warehouse worker Willem van Maaren. The people in hiding shared their suspicion, without knowing him or even having seen him. Anne wrote about it in her diary and attributed negative qualifications to him. In , Otto Frank and the helpers filed a complaint against him with the political police on suspicion of betrayal.

When You Have Been Betrayed

However, the investigation did not prove his guilt. Van Maaren fought the accusations and rejected a settlement. The Subdistrict Court dismissed the complaint. A new investigation followed after Silberbauer had been tracked down. It yielded new information but still no evidence against Van Maaren. Tonny Ahlers was a Dutch national socialist. When he found out that Otto Frank had expressed a negative opinion about the German war chances in a conversation in the street, Ahlers pressured Frank and extracted money from him.

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According to her, Ahlers played a role in the transactions because he had a hold over Frank and later betrayed the people in hiding in the Secret Annex to an SD detective. However, the only verifiable delivery was very small in size and there is no indication that Ahlers knew about people in hiding in the Secret Annex. Lena's husband Lammert did undeclared work in the warehouse at Prinsengracht He spoke with his wife about people hiding in the building. However, it was never clarified whether he did so before or after the arrests on 4 August. If he did so after that day, that would hardly be surprising, for Lammert witnessed the raid.

There is no indication that he had known of their presence before.

Was Anne Frank betrayed?

Lena talked to a friend about the people in hiding. This woman was shocked. If this was after 4 August, that is understandable. She knew Kleiman, who had by then been interred, and rumours could compromise third parties around him. However, there is no evidence to support this theory. Ans van Dijk was a Jewish woman who, after being arrested, was given the choice between deportation and helping the authorities track down other Jews.

Betrayal: a psychological analysis.

She opted for the latter and made a large number of victims. In his book Vogelvrij Outlawed , Journalist Sytze van der Zee described the possibility that Van Dijk knew the night guard who discovered the burglary in the building in However, there is no concrete evidence. Another book was published recently, accusing Ans van Dijk of betrayal. The book is based on post-war memories that were written down even later by third parties. It makes the story unverifiable. The helpers and Silberbauer himself quoted different numbers of police officers involved in the arrest.

Their quotes vary between five and eight. The claim was investigated, but no other police officers were identified beyond doubt or admitted their involvement.