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That project is expected to be sanctioned in the second half of next year but I3 hopes a new plan for a joint Tain-Serenity scheme can be agreed. It is connected to Serenity as we believe this shows. The OGA are aware of our interpretation of Serenity and that we believe it is connected to Tain, "RSRUK are aware of that and we anticipate that will lead to an unitisation discussion and effectively a joint development of a single field called Tain-Serenity. That first producer would then be drilled during the execution phase of Liberator Phase 1 which is set to start during the course of It would be efficient if we were to begin drilling production of Liberator into and begin that same programme of further appraisal of Serenity at that time.

The management team have learnt the lessons, looked at the seismic, hopefully the new well hits the sweet spot and delivers the goods. This region, similar to the A3 and A4 target areas, has significant relief above the prognosed oil-water contact and will provide a good location for a future development well. If Liberator comes in as planned and Serenity is co-developed with Repsol Sinopec, then expect a share price closer to a p. The AGM is on November 8th so next week should see some fireworks if the signing can be pulled off. Copyright Contrarian Investor UK - Contact me.

About me. About this blog. Gordon Gekko. Reabold Resources RBD - average purchase price p, current share price 0. I3 Energy I3E - average purchase price 41p, current share price. Email Address. Sign Up. Raised on a planet with pollution so thick the stars were not visible, Wash became a pilot in part to see the sky beyond his home.

75 Best Vampire Romance Novels Worth Reading

Wash was second in his class. Universe , Wash' friend in flight school, was top of the class, since he hacked the records. In order to buy Wash's silence and save himself from a threat of bodily injury at the hands of Wash , Mr. Universe offered Wash his services whenever they were needed. Wash then traveled widely, visiting odd worlds where, for example, juggling goslings was the principal form of recreation. However, he does prove his loyalty when Saffron, a young woman posing as Mal's wife in order to take over the ship, attempted to seduce him by telling him the myth of the Earth-That-Was and how the stars joined it.

He denied her, saying he had a "beautiful wife who can kill me with her pinky. A laid-back guy with a dry and occasionally laconic sense of humor, Wash tended to represent the pragmatic, cut-and-run opinion in any shipboard debate, and often served as the calming influence in heated arguments.

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His actions sometimes appeared cowardly or at least less than heroic , but Wash had proven his resolve and willingness to both put himself in harm's way and do violence on behalf of his friends on many occasions. As a pilot, Wash' flying style oscillated between near panic and a Zen-like calm. How long Aria will defeat Q'bthulhu by now?!

It's taking forever, Miyu! She emitted a tired 'fae…' By this point as all she can do is to shoot the enemies with her staff until she can't fight anymore by this point. We'll just hope if Aria can beat Q'bthulhu right now. But we gotta worry that our fatigue from fighting these shadows is taking our toll, so we have to hold them off from the best we could. It'll makes things easier for her, right?

Miyu shook her head, as she worry if they help Aria right now, it would be too risky to defeat Q'bthulhu right now. Rin's eyes widen for a little, "W-Why not?! Can't we finish this with Aria?! Rin frowned as she realized in the past by trying to assist Aria from the Moon Goddess is a bad idea, she remembered one of the Moon Goddess' attacks nearly put her in a coma during her rescue efforts in attempt to assist her best friend.

Rin, after remembering that memory, she was worried but also put her on edge because of the memory. If Rin saves Aria now, she would be killed right on the spot. Rin nods slowly towards Miyu, as she said in a sad tone. Because if i did that right towards Q'bthulhu, i would be finished off in a instant. After that, i won't get to see my wish being granted again because It's because i worry too much about her!

Back then, i was such a idiot not realizing that the Moon Goddess is powerful, and when Aria is fighting her…". Rin paused for a moment, before continuing. I had the sudden urge to save her. I tried to defeat the Moon Goddess with Aria, but i didn't react in time and got myself badly hurt…" Her eyes started to show tears in her blue eyes, but only slowly.

I lose the fight no matter what i do.

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Saving my best friend, was really a death wish all along. She realized that if she attempted saving Aria, it might result her untimely demise if she ignored the warnings again. Miyu looks at Rin, with a small smile as she puts her hand on her small shoulder, then rubbed her gently. If you go out there and try to fight during the battle, you'd be a goner out there.

Even if she calls for help, we'll be with her in no time. Rin listened, then finally understands Miyu with a smile. She nodded towards the Sage, as she learns her important lesson. If she needs our help, then we'll be there for her!

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Kris interrupted both Miyu and Rin's conversation, with a serious, tired glare. Just continue holding the shadows long enough until Aria finishes the fight before…" She paused, yet was extremely tired, then was beginning to lose her life. Miyu and Rin looks at Kris, who is heavily injured from the shadows' attacks. She yelled out one last thing before she fainted due to the extreme fatigue from fighting these shadows, " The battle was finally about to end, as Aria dived towards Q'btulhu's gigantic eye right in the center.

It seems that after the fight, Geode will be in harmony again, along with the Trovian worlds.

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The Sun Goddess would be proud that this nightmare was finally going to be over. Sunseeker Rowan, along with Gabbro, Amberline, Sunseeker Thu'lan, and the rest watches the final moment from the battle above the Geodian Sanctuary. And so, Aria screamed as she dived in and stabbed through Q'bthulhu's eye with the Enchanted sword held in two hands. Q'bthulhu lets out a final, sound-shattering roar before cracks of light started to appear all around Q'bthulhu itself.

The colossal shadow god is finally defeated. For several years of war against the shadows, the light overcame the darkness in the end. As the cracks of light begins to shatter on Q'bthulhu's colossal body, a massive aura of light is about to shine on Geode, then to the Golden Vale, and finally the Hub World of Trove. As the light envelops the shadow god, it lets out one final crack of light before shattering in a massive explosion that outshines the darkness of space. Miyu and Rin looked up in the sky, now lit up by the massive explosion of light, has begun to smile towards the sky.

Rin smiled, "I can't believe it! We won, Miyu! We won! Miyu responded also with a smile on her face, "Not just us Rin.

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Aria won because not only its just her, but the Trovians too have won, even the Sunseekers gets their victory as well. She was proud after Aria did what she can to defeat Q'bthulhu once and for all, it seems their journey on Trove and Geode was finally over. Aria, Miyu, Kris, and Rin was suddenly transported into a realm they have never saw before, yet they thought that this atoll was a myth before. But now, it had came to light when Aria and her friends ended up in a realm that houses an entity they have never even met before.

I thought it was impossible at first to defeat Q'bthulhu, but now…" The entity spoke as it walked slowly towards the small group. It was wearing a golden cyan robe, with a silvery cape on its back, her skin color is pearly white, her blue hair is elegantly long, yet was wearing a white tiara on her head.

Boundless Way Zen Westchester: Book of Serenity 97

She holds a staff that comes from golden vale, and its eye colors are sapphire and gold. She looks around, seeing the skies of the realm is pure nighttime, complete with one big crescent moon, and a smaller moon near it. The Atoll of Serenity is true! The Atoll of Serenity is the opposite to the Atoll of Madness, this opposite brings serenity, hope, and determination in others who have arrived there, but only on rare and specific circumstances. Kris wakes up with a yawn, as she looks around to see Aria right in front of her, who is pretty excited after that battle. Aria smiled, "Hey, Kris!

Wake up, sleepy head! We did it! She gasped before finally forming a grin towards Aria as she ran towards her and gave her a big hug. Knowing that Aria has finally defeated the shadows, as the Entity watched the quad females celebrate their victory. The four nodded, which Rin began dancing and singing her own victory song. The Entity giggled for a little, then cleared her throat with a patient sounding 'ahem'. I can grant all kinds of strong wishes here in the Atoll of Serenity, without any limitations aside from dark wishes from black hearted Trovians.