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A Rush of Blood to the Head

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Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head - taimegasbdisco.ga Music

Listened by GabrieleDiSiena. My Colored Vinyl Collection by insertusernamehere CD Collection by Cryonics. Other LPs to listen by detroitlotus.

A Rush of Blood to the Head ~ Coldplay (Lyrics).

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Her head was badly bleeding. I hesitated for a moment; I didn't want to get blood on my jacket. And then I was ashamed of myself. I knelt on the wet pavement and took her shaking hand. I said: ''I'm here. Are you with me?

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Figures began to gather near us. I looked at her face, veiled in dark blood, and said, ''I don't know.

Someone held out a handkerchief. My own hand was shaking now as I pressed it to her forehead, cradling her head with my other hand. I realized that the van lights were gone. I asked her her name, and she said it was Terry. She was trying to get up.

The brain’s plumbing

She wanted to go home. I was afraid to hold her, afraid of what kind of injuries could be under her coat. Behind me, a woman said, ''You shouldn't let her sit up. At last I heard sirens. The E. She said she was 70 and lived alone a block away; she had a brother who was traveling; her son died 14 months ago. When she said that, she began to cry for the first time.